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Thank you for choosing our services to repair or service your shutters. We appreciate your trust and value you as our customer. To assist us in serving you better, kindly complete the following questionnaire below.

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Please note that due to a high volume of calls, it may take us 2-3 days to reach out to you and schedule a service visit. Our office will contact you with a specific date for the service, and during that time, we will request payment for the service charge. The service charge is $175 for a half hour, which covers the trip fee and a half hour of diagnostics if you are located in the local area. If your property is located 30 minutes or more from our office, an additional trip fee of $50. In case additional labor time is required to complete the service, the cost will be $175 per hour. Please note that if you do not have a maintenance agreement in place prior to the service date, the price is subject to change. However, if your shutters are still within the warranty period, which is one year from the initial installation, the price remains as agreed.  Please be aware that labor costs are not covered by the warranty and will be charged separately.

Once again, we appreciate your trust in our services, and we look forward to assisting you with your shutter repair or service needs.

Do you live in a gated community?
Did we install this product?
What floor is the shutter on?

Please send pictures or videos of the issue you are experiencing to help us serve you better to

Allow up to 72 business hours for our service department to review your request.


To ensure efficient and accurate handling of all requests and changes, we kindly request that you submit them in writing. Email is the preferred and most effective format for this purpose.

Maintaining a comprehensive "written" record of our communication enables both parties to easily refer back to ensure clarity and understanding.

By following this practice, we aim to foster mutual understanding, enhance communication, and ultimately contribute to your utmost satisfaction throughout the construction process.

Thanks for submitting!

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