Affordable and hassle free Accordion Shutters.  This is the most common product found on homes, condos and businesses.  Accordion Shutter are great for protecting lanai openings and your valuable possessions.  Our Exclusive Accordion Shutter Recessed Floor Track can be installed into pavers or concrete.  The Recessed Floor Track provides a Safe Walkway around your lanai and pool.


Bird Key Accordion Shutters in th  open position

Bird Key Accordion Shutters closed

Accordion Shutter Recessed Floor Installation with Paver and Footer

Accordion Shutter Box Lock used for Egress

Accordion Shutter Box Lock used for Egress

Our Lady of Lourdes, Accordions Open, Venice


Our Lady of Lourdes, Accordion Shutter in a closed position, Venice

Recessed Floor Track for Accordion Shutters

Accordion Shutter Push Button Lock